About us – Project TWLV

The brand

Project TWLV is a Swedish-based footwear brand that combines luxurious Italian craftmanship with Scandinavian aesthetics. We exclusively use the finest high-end Italian materials in our shoes, including, leathers, fabrics, and hardware, to ensure that our footwear is not only stylish, but also sustainable, comfortable, and long-lasting. Our collections include a wide range of men’s footwear, including boots, derbys, sneakers, and trainers, all designed with an emphasis on attention to detail and a nod to iconic design, art, architecture, and contemporary Scandi culture. With this, Project TWLV offers truly unique and elevated styles that appeals to the fashion-conscious consumer who values both luxury and quality in their footwear. Step into luxury with Project TWLV.


The intention for Project TWLV is to deliver a small, contemporary boot collection for both men and women of exquisite craftsmanship, with a strong focus on authenticity. Designed, curated and handcrafted by the best designers and artisans in Italy and Sweden, the product and materials is the result of a perfect blend between the two countries.

The Founders

Antonio Panella has been the creative mind behind Paul Smith shoes for 12 years, after many years in the fashion industry he established himself as one of the foremost respected designers and promoters of handcrafted footwear design.

Henrik Hobik’s extensive experience in the shoe and apparel industry as the main owner of Selected Brands Nordic. A distribution and licence company with brands like Hackett, Paul Smith, Kenzo, Lacoste and UGG, among other on its track record.